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I just had a great experience! Kids are incredible. Some favorite friends of ours are visiting from Washington D.C. and they are taking care of their grandkids for the week. Their 9-year-old grand-daughter, Maribel, proudly showed me her crochet project and immediately I thought that if she liked crochet, then she would surely like Kumihimo. So, in no time we had a date set. I would bring Maribel a “Kumi for Kids – Disk Kit” and she would show me how quickly she could learn. I like to see how different ages respond to my Kumi for Kids Instructions.

Maribel’s brother Gabe, 6 years old, also decided to join us. With brief instructions from me, they were on their way. That’s where the “kids are incredible” part comes in. The speed at which they learned Kumihimo made me dizzy. DIZZY!! They were so quick I couldn’t believe it. They had the “left bottom up, right top down, turn clockwise” down in no time. I went through the basics of knowing where to start after you’ve stopped. They learned the 3 strands at the top concept and had no problem looking at the point of braid to determine their next move. All three of us had ear-to-ear smiles.

The next day they came by my house with their arms loaded with Kumihimo braids. AMAZING. Later that day, I stopped by their place and gave them a quick intro to Kumi with beads. No surprise, they got it instantly! And their young eyes are much better at threading beads than my eyes that need magnifiers! Before I left, I tempted them with a 16 strand braid and again – no problem!

Kumihimo + Kids = INCREDIBLE

Kit includes:
4.25″ Kumihimo Disk
EZ Bob Bobbin
8 Mini Skeins Bonbons Cotton Yarn (28 yards each skein)
4 Pages of Instructions with Step-by-Step photo
6 Color Coded Kumihimo Patterns
Instructions for Kids First Project – Friendship Bracelet

Kumi for Kids – Mini Disk Kit with 8 bobbins        $17.99    
Kumi for Kids –Mini Disk Kit with 16 bobbins      $21.99     

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NEW! Kumi for Kids – Mini Disk Kit It’s VACATION Time

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